Take the next step in food safety with Dectyl Belts

We drive food safety standards to new heights

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Ensure peace of mind with Dectyl Metal Detectable Belts

Reach out today to get the latest belting technology in the food industry

At Ammeraal Beltech, we eliminate the risk of pollution from broken plastic belt parts. Dectyl belt is an effective protection of your brand reputation, preventing expensive product recalls and reputational issues.

What is Dectyl Belt?

It is a state-of-the-art belt that helps you to detect foreign objects in food, ensuring smooth operations and tight control. Dectyl Belt has a number of benefits:

  • Long operational lifetime
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Wear resistance
  • Joint technology

Dectyl Belt characteristics feature:

  • Two versions
  • Matt finish for Non-stick release properties
  • Glossy in high grip for positioning, inclined conveying

We offer a wide range of Dectyl accessories:

  • Amseal for sealed belt edges
  • Solid footless cleats
  • Tracking ropes
  • Bordoflex corrugated sidewalls


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